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Emergence of Risk Management as a strategic function in the financial services industry has led to a series of business and regulatory transformations in key global financial markets.

We leverage a unique synergy of business and technology expertise to engineer and deliver not just technology products but complete end-to-end solutions in this complex landscape.

To address the complex requirements of the risk management function for financial services industry in general and banking in particular, we bring to you our RiskCube Risk Management Product Suite, which is a suite of products and solutions catering to the Banking and Financial Services Industry.

In partnership with G-Square Analytics we also bring you DERIVATOR a derivatives pricing solution as well as RISKRATOR a risk analytics solution

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to risk implementations where we approach an implementation program from the perspective of the business rather than the technology and Partner with the bank to facilitate an end-to-end approach.

To do this even more effectively we have forged strong partnerships with global technology players in the BFSI space.

RiskCube products comprehensively address most areas of risk management like Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk, capital assessment and portfolio management, asset liability and liquidity management, stress testing, development, validation and hosting of risk models.

Our products are knitted through a unified, integrated, flexible and extensible proprietary Risk Data Model which can cater to key Risk Management activities, Compliance and regulatory reporting, Strategic Management processes and Senior management reporting dashboards.

Unlike most of our competitors we approach risk from a business perspective rather than a technology or product perspective. This not only ensures that our products are built to swiftly and flexibly respond to the changing risk and compliance landscape but also ensures that we are able to successfully Partner with the bank to ensure an efficient and effective end-to-end implementation.

Our multiple solutions are logically architected to be integrated yet independent. Logical separation of data from rules ensure complete flexibility and scalability