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We at Avati are a niche organisation with dedicated focus on risk management services to banks & financial institutions. Our offerings span across the entire spectrum of enterprise risk management credit, market, operational, liquidity, etc. covering areas such as risk governance, regulatory compliance and adoption of best practices. Our team consists of best-in-class professionals and practitioners who complement each other with extensive global as well as local expertise and experience in banking, risk consulting and financial technology covering all functions and roles of risk management.

Our Hands-on experience in managing and delivering risk management programs with leading banks is unparalleled. Our team has worked in the most advanced concepts in the area of risk management in banks in many jurisdictions in the Middle East and Asia in areas such as implementation of F-IRB, risk governance & organization, risk policies and procedures and advanced concepts in risk measurement methodologies.

We Partner with our clients in various roles during the engagement cycle, such as being an expert, guide, problem solver and implementer, in their journey to achieve and adopt the ever evolving best-in-class risk management practices. Presence of senior subject matter experts from our team throughout all stages of the program and our hands on, practical and people-oriented approach help us lead the bank efficiently and swiftly towards its desired risk evolution.

We execute projects using and customizing our proprietary frameworks and toolsets to incorporate and address client specific issues, ensure consistency in quality and facilitate accelerated program execution. We effectively utilize and leverage the existing resources within the bank through participative program execution and continuous training, ensuring effective knowledge transfer as an embedded component of our execution methodology.